Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multiple Kid Monday Guidelines

1.What is Multiple Kids Mondays?

Multiple Kids Mondays is a "blog carnival" of sorts. On Mondays, you can post any tips, fun stories, how-tos, lessons learned, etc. from being a mom of multiple children (not just those with twins and triplets but any of us with several children). I started this to answer the "How do you do it?" questions that I get almost daily when I wander from our home with our four tiny kids. Some of the best tips I've learned about how to handle four small kids is from other moms, so I thought we'd play nicely and share!

2. How do I participate?
You write your blog entry on your blog. Then you post a link back here to my MKM post, and you enter your link to your post on your blog in the "Mr. Linky" form at the bottom of my post.

3. Can anyone join?
Yes, just start blogging. I do ask that all entries be G-rated and constructive. Nothing offensive, foul, etc.

4. Can I use your banner?

Yes! I'd love for you to use this! I made this to represent my three girls and my little man...and I'd love for you to put it on your site when you participate in MKM.

5. Please link to MKM only if you've written a MKM post yourself. Mention MKM in your post, and link back to my master list here.

6. Make sure that you link to your MKM post and NOT to the front page of your blog so that others can quickly find your post.

7. Please DO NOT host your own Multiple Kids Mondays "Mr. Linky" at your site. My blog will be the only homepage for this carnival.

8. When you enter your link on Mr. Linky, you will most likely notice that it says "delete link" next to your name. If you click on that, it will let you delete what you just posted.

9. Enter a 3-4 word description of your post after you enter your name. Be specific and brief.

For example, where the box below says "Your Name", you might put:

Wendy (Lunch Prep)


Laura (Bible Devotions)

Please keep your name and description to just a few words.

10. I'll put my Multiple Kids Mondays post up by 8 a.m. each Monday although I may sometimes start on Sunday night to make sure it gets there! I will close it at 8 p.m. to avoid spammers!

11. I reserve the right to delete any links that I deem inappropriate.

12. Also, just because someone participates in MKM does not mean that I endorse everything that she says. But I learn so much from various moms, and I'm glad we can teach one another. Thanks for always keeping this a positive, rewarding carnival!

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