Saturday, May 30, 2009

If you live near Memphis....

then you have to order a cake from Too Much Designs! Shelly made both Grant's birthday cake and my birthday cake, and they were delicious. You'll notice next time you see me that I ate a bit too much of both! She did Isabella's cake last year, and it was both adorable and delicious. And did I mention very well-priced? My in-laws ate two slices each (a first for them at any of our parties). And I ate, well, a bunch! I can't say enough about how very cute her designs are and how very moist and perfect her cakes taste! And yes, she'll be doing one more in a couple of weeks for Isabella's birthday. Then I'll be hitting the gym hard to work off all those cakes! She has a website at www.toomuch that's worth checking out for sure!

Oh, and she was too sweet to make Grant an extra little cake for himself since she had enough batter left! Too sweet!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slip N Slide Time


Pawpaw and Granny came for Grant's birthday (which I'll have to blog about later). He was miserably sick from about 1:30on...not a very good first birthday. Anyway, they bought the girls a Slip N Slide (oh, I have a good story from my own childhood to share about my fear of these things). Well, it took quite a bit of work to get them to use it. Abby was scared of it. Ali Kate was too happy playing in their wading pool. Isabella didn't "get" how to get a running start to dive into it. So we pulled her along with those pool noodles. She loved it, and we got soaked! Well, Pawpaw and I did anyway. After lots of water play, we all cooled off with these frozen ice pops. Matt and Pawpaw got a little wet with all these slippery girls!
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This is pitiful


My family absolutely LOVES these all-natural Cheetos (which I inadvertently called organic for like 6 months before my dear husband finally graciously corrected me). Anyway, they haven't had them for like 3 weeks at Kroger much to our disappointment. So Monday when the grocery guy asked me if I was finding everything ok, I actually asked him to help me find them. They've always been on a certain endcap, and I grab a bag each week (despite their crazy price of $'s one of our few grocery splurges...and well worth it). They were replaced with Doritos (who really cares about Doritos when you could have these?!?). I had searched the chip aisle to no avail. But the guy found the Frito-Lay Rep who was stocking the shelves. He kindly told me that he had some on his truck and that he hadn't been putting them in Kroger because they didn't leave a space for them. I told him that we LOVED them...and so he said that he'd clear off some of those Doritos and make us a space for our white Cheetos. What a sweet man! Matt laughed at me when I told him what I'd done. Abby asked if the shelf would have our name on it. Not quite, I told her. But I will be glad to be able to keep buying them. For all you Desoto County Kroger shoppers, you're welcome! And if you've never tried these, buy a bag today! They're yummy!
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How to Stave Off Summer Boredom!


Step 1: Gather your cutting tools and scrapbook paper to cut two circles.
Be sure to choose cute colors!


Step 2: Adhere the two circles. Choose any letters to spell "idea jar."
Also go ahead and write all of your fun ideas on strips of paper to go into the jar. Ours included read a book, play Leapster, pretend to camp, swing, paint, dress-up, and more!


Step 3: Adhere the labels to the jar and adorn with a coordinating ribbon. (Abby chose everything for this project...papers, letters, and ribbon). I think she has a great eye for colors!

Abby and Isabella finished preschool for the year two weeks ago (May 13th). I am SO behind on blogging for sure! We had a week of stomach virus in our house, and then we had party week with Grant's birthday, Mother's Day, and my birthday....and we launched Duck Duck Goose Designs. We've been a little busy to say the least! So I have lots I gotta blog about.

Anyway, oh it took only about 2 days before Abby was wandering the house saying, "I'm bored." Now mind you she only went to preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it's not like she's not used to being with us. But I do have to say in her defense that I too would probably be bored with a house full of babies and toddlers. As the mom, however, I can't hear this the next 3 months. So I made her promise that she wouldn't use the B word (bored) at all all summer. Well, it only took 48 hours before she started saying, "Mom, I'm that word I'm not supposed to say all summer." What a little genius! So the idea jar was born!

After rattling off a list of things she could do and have fun doing, I got the bright idea (pun totally intended) to make the idea jar. Off we dashed to my scrapbook closet to get some cute papers. First, we cut two circles with my cutting tool (I love this thing!). Then we adhered those together and chose some fun stickers from my leftover sticker letters (great way to use those up!). Abby listed off fun things to do (with my help), and I wrote them on slips of paper. She can pretty much read almost anything now, so I knew she could read these when she pulled them out of the jar. We then stuck this on a Mason jar that we'd gotten full of Krystal's yummy Christmas treats (of course it had been scrubbed of all sugary remnants). Then we added a sweet bow...and wow! An idea jar!

Yesterday she actually used this to my delight. She had that look on her face (and we'd already read books, eaten breakfast, done a memory verse, played school, learned how to count money, eaten snack, and played independently...and it was only 11 a.m...and she was already the B word). On her own, she goes, "Oh, I have to go check my idea jar." She read her slip "pretend to camp" and off the girls went to set up a pretend camp in Isabella and Ali Kate's room. That turned into a solid hour of imaginative play. Go, idea jar!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, I'm getting old

So it's beginning to settle in with me. I'm aging. I had a friend from college send me a friend request on Facebook (which I rarely even use), and I realized that it's been 12 years since we were roommates. 12 years! Back in 1997, and now we're in 2009! To top it off, let me list some other aging factors.

Last night we celebrated with Abby at her preschool graduation. She begins kindergarten this fall. Am I seriously old enough to have a kindergarten child? That's wild! Did I not just have her a little while ago? My days at home with her have been far too few. Oh, my heart already breaks for when she leaves. And it's only half day kindergarten. But I love being home with her!

Another aging tidbit...Grant turns one this week! Yes, one. Now I seriously did just deliver him. Was it already a year ago this week that I was on bedrest and could barely walk across the house without unbearable pain? Was it already a year ago that we brought that new little baby home to his 3 big sisters? Oh, it flew by!

And the big topper? I turn 30 two weeks from TODAY. 30! I used to babysit for people who were in their 30s (who are now in their late 40s). Can I now be one of them? Did I make that transition that fast? I will no longer even really qualify for the Young Married stuff at our church (which is fine since many are even up to 40)...but still...I'm an old married now!

Don't know why I'm having this moment, but I am. So indulge me a little as I soak up the fact that I'm aging....and quickly! Oh, I may gain 5 pounds this month from chocolate alone if I dwell too long on this one!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Camp Notes

This was part of my art fun today while the kids were napping. I told you Matt did the laundry today...I love him for that! Usually I go grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons, but that didn't happen today. I got lost in art world...and had fun designing this!

The top one is a fill-in note for the little camper to send to friends and family while away. The bottom one actually comes blank so that Mom and Dad can write their little camper a note to open each night at camp. (I just filled in my own text for fun!). What a great way to stay in touch with campers while they are away from home!

The Perfect Mother's Day

Today has been an absolutely wonderful day! I woke before the kids and grabbed a shower. While I was brushing my teeth, Abby ran into the bathroom shouting, "Happy Mother's Day," and she gave me a huge hug. She was so sweet. I said to her, "I can't believe you remembered." Then she said, "I remembered because I love you so much." Talk about making you melt.

Then when I went to get Ali Kate out of her crib, she too gave me a huge kiss and said, "Happy Mother's Day." I don't know how she remembered because Matt was at the grocery store (not home to prod her along). She was too sweet for words. Isabella didn't have a clue it was Mother's Day for at least another half hour...she had a time waking up today!

Matt arrived with donuts (a twice a year at best treat) for us. Luckily, Abby was 85when she woke up, so she was able to indulge in a sweet treat with a little extra insulin in her morning dose. Anyway, as soon as I threw on some comfy clothes, we all headed upstairs to open gifts. The girls couldn't wait a second longer to give me my gifts. Why upstairs? They were hidden in the attic...yes, Matt knows I'm a snoop at the holidays!

As I closed my eyes, the girls brought me their gifts one at a time. Matt had taken them to Mud Monkey Pottery to make individual pieces of pottery for me. Each made a plate...totally their own. Matt said he let them walk in the store, choose their pieces, their paints, their designs...everything. They did fabulous jobs. I'll take pictures this week and post them. Grant did his footprints on a piece.

And yay...I got my mommy bracelet replaced! The thieves stole all my jewelry in October, and I've missed wearing my mommy bracelet. You rarely saw me without it. Well, I got a new one (and with a fourth strand for Grant). This bracelet is now HUGE with four strands. If we ever had another child, we'd have to find a new mommy kind of jewelry. This bracelet would be too big to wear!

Anyway, we took our time just being together and eating our sweet breakfast...and we didn't rush to church. We hated to miss Bible Fellowship, but we treasured our sweet morning as a family. Then we had a wonderful morning at church, and we came home to a simple lunch. The girls napped while MATT DID HOUSEWORK for me (yes, he did like 4 loads of laundry...go Matt!). That was part of my Mother's Day gift...he did the housework, diapers, insulin, baths, etc. today. I crafted...I painted some pictures and made Abby's teacher the most adorable frame. Art relaxes me so much...and I really enjoyed my relaxed afternoon. We played with the kids all afternoon and night...just hanging out as a family. No big fancy meals or big plans...just hanging out and enjoying one another. It was fabulous! Matt really made this a wonderful Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mommy Memo Pads


While I'm on a roll posting my newest Duck Duck Goose products, I thought I'd post a picture of our new mommy pads. Recognize those kiddos? I had so much fun designing this and playing with my new memo pad maker. I was really excited about my new machinery. Abby helped me assemble this, and she was really into it too. She is so interested in all of this designing process.
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Another Duck Duck Goose Tee


This one is a birthday gift for Hannah who had to cancel her party because she's sick. What a yucky situation. I know that would be hard to deal with for sure. We'll get it to her when she's all well. This looks just like her...for anyone who knows her...don't you agree? These faces I orginially designed for memo pads and then thought they'd be perfect for these tees. So here they are on tees. I can do any bow color, hair color, hair length, skin color, etc. I think the girls are going to have to have one of these this summer!
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Duck Duck Goose Tees!


So Matt and I are still trying to get our website complete so that we can launch my line of stationery, invitations, and gifts...well....we're going to offer these adorable tees in our gift line. I am so excited about these. I made these for Abby and Grant and was so pleased that I have made tons of them this week! I have listed several in at Etsy shop. You can find me on Etsy at I wanted to use duckduckgoosedesigns, but it was already taken. I think I've got 12 or 13 on there...with more designs to come. I love designing this stuff! Don't the kids look cute in theirs? This turned out to be the perfect solution for a top to match those super adorable capris that Abby's wearing. I bought those at the FBC sale last month and needed a top to I made one! She loves it...and well, Grant, he couldn't care less of course. But he is handsome in it!
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Jesus, dogs, and hearts

So we had a long morning of running errands...which I usually try to avoid. But we just had to today. The kids thankfully were very well-behaved everywhere we went. Thanks, kids! As we were driving home, Isabella started asking me about's how the conversation went:

Isabella: "Mom, do dogs have hearts?"
Me: "Yes, they do have hearts."
Isabella: "Do they have Jesus or Satan in their hearts?"
Me: "They don't have either in their hearts."
Isabella: "Do they have Jesus in their hearts?"
Me: "No, they only have blood in their hearts."
Isabella: "Blood in their hearts?"
Me: "Yes, we all have blood in our hearts."
Isabella: "I don't have blood in my heart."
Me: "Yes, you do."

And thus began a long conversation about anatomy, heart functioning, blood sugar checks, pancreases, etc. The kids were absolutely fascinated to know that dogs don't have Jesus in their hearts and that we all have blood in our bodies. The things you didn't realize that they didn't know. You never know when you pass a minivan on the road what might be being discussed in that vehicle. Especially if you happen to be passing ours!