Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

I think I can, I think I can....Jean Stockdale has taught us in MOMS for years that party of our job as moms is to slowly release our children into the adult world so that they're ready to be independent. I'm not good at that at all! If I could, I'd keep them all babies for a very, very long time and then ease them into toddlerhood. After that, to be quite honest, I'd fast forward from 2 until age 4....right now I have both a 2 and a 3 year old in the house as I've had for a few years now...and it's rough!

So what does this picture having to do with all of that?!? Today we threw out THE HIGHCHAIR! We purchased this when Abby was 4 months old and about to start rice cereal. I remember going with Matt to Babies R Us in Memphis and picking this one out because it was bright, had fun toys that could detach, and had 3 washable trays that snapped off. We had NO IDEA that we'd have this highchair for the next SEVEN years!!!! This high chair has sat all of our babies from their first bites of cereal to their last days when baby sister or brother needed to take over the throne. Well, Grant is 2 1/2 now, and there's no baby brother or sister waiting in line this time for the highchair. But it was time. It's been past time. He's needed to be in a big boy chair for a long, long time. But he's my last (unless God has a really great surprise in store for me one day)...and I've let him be a baby in every way much longer than I did with the girls. At his age, they were all in big kid seats, potty trained, way past the pacifier...but not Grant :) My little man isn't even thinking about a potty (except to flush Awana books and dolls in), nor is he even budging an inch on the pacifier issue. He's told me clearly before when we couldn't find a paci that I could go to Target and buy a new one. He's smart!

So today, while I didn't break down for Matt, I was silently grieving this visible reminder that our house is becoming one of big kids and not babies any longer. We once had two cribs, a pack n play, swings, bouncies, play yards, jumpers, changing tables, and even a highchair in our house. The other items have gone one by one to friends and to charity...but the highchair was one of the last remaining pieces of being a mom to a little bitty one.

So, I'm trying to tell myself that I can do this....I can start to teach them to grow up and to help them move from stage to stage....I just may have to rock babies at church more often now :)

Knocking Off A Little Dust

Tonight, for whatever reason, I sat down and read a mommy blog...and then another...and then another. Before long, I looked up and it's past 1 a.m.! My crew has been asleep for hours, and I should be resting too. We've been fighting the stomach virus again for a while, and I think I'm just so glad to not be scrubbing something or holding someone's head while they throw up. I've actually been relaxed as I sit at the computer.

All that to say...I realized just how much I missed blogging. In particular, about our family. I used my blog for a while to keep an account of the day-to-day happenings of our family. We've moved into a new stage of life where the day-to-day happenings oftentimes drain me of any energy to recount the day that just ended. But Matt made me a bound book that contained my blog entries from the past, and it's truly a treasure. The scrapbooks I make are cute (and dusty now too) but not as full of detail. When Abby and Isabella were very little, I kept individual journals and wrote them letters very, very often. Life with two girls just 18 months apart gave me lots of free time to write, journal, reflect. Add two more kids in a row...and that time is gone!

With no promises of everyday blogging or anything else pressureful, I am re-entering the blogging world. My kids have just got too many cute memories that tell our story for me not to record...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making the Rounds

I'm about to make my way out of the "work zone" on the computer to make my final rounds around the house before bedtime. One would think that I'd be way past this by now. But I think I'll probably make "final rounds" at night even when the kids are 18. Even though I tucked them into bed 3 hours ago, I just can't help but sneak into their rooms to kiss them one more time and see their sweet faces once more. No matter what happened that day, all is forgotten as they sleep so peacefully. I love to watch a sleeping baby, a sleeping toddler, and even a sleeping 6 year old. Matt thinks I'm crazy for checking on them once more every night before I settle down for bed. I think it's being a mama. That's what we do.

So in a few minutes, I'll be off to retuck each child into bed, straighten their covers, adjust the thermostats, say little prayers, kiss them once more, and then tiptoe back downstairs to sleep...hopefully through the night. But if one of them does crawl into our bed, I think it'll be alright. These days are fleeing...and one day they'll be too big to want to crawl into our bed at night. And I'll be glad that we let them snuggle while they were little!

Loving these days

My neighbor gave me a gift today, and she didn't even know it. Her boys have been outside playing from time to time with each other...never with Mom and Dad. They're a bit older than my kids, and they play outside in nice weather without their parents. This afternoon while I was having a blast with my kids in the backyard, I noticed my neighbor all alone checking out some work she'd had done on her house. Alone. While I was surrounded by lots of fun, giggly laughter...the kind that's absolutely infectious!

I just stopped right there during our playtime and thanked God for these days. My kids will one day too be big like hers, and these types of afternoons pushing them on the swings will be a distant memory. I know there will be new things to treasure when those days come. But today I stopped to draw in the laughter, the silliness, the fun that is my kids while they're little. Thank you, Lord, for these sweet and tender days with my kids. I've been regretting that they're not tiny anymore. My baby will be 2 in May. Those baby and toddler days flew by! Just like the gray haired ladies told me they would! But I don't have to let these preschooler days fly by. I'm going to soak them in...and spend lots more time giggling in the backyard. I'm so glad I caught a glimpse of my neighbor and that God allowed me to slow down enough to notice how full and blessed my hands were at that moment.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day!

This morning Matt came in while I was showering to announce that there would be no school today. Seriously?!? We'd had no big warning from the weather announcers that we should expect snow. I'd seen it in the forecast several days before, but it wasn't showing on my Iphone anymore.

So after I got dressed, I went to peek out the window (I'm worse than the kids about snow days). And there were these big gigantic flakes coming down. We already had several inches, and it was still coming! I was delighted. Now...since there was no Mother's Day Out or big kid school for Abby...I thought it wise to get some work done early and let the kids sleep in. That plan lasted about 20 minutes until Isabella woke up and saw the snow. Within a couple of minutes, the whole house was awake and ready for snow day!!

For whatever reason, I've made sausage balls for breakfast every time we've had snow/ice this year. So off to the kitchen I trotted to make my friend Lindsay's sausage ball recipe (so much better than our old recipe). While they baked, I got everyone dressed for snow play. And they eagerly ran off to brush their own teeth to get a check on our new chore charts. Lovin' me some chore charts!!

Now taking Abby out in the snow posed some slight dilemma. So I decided to put her leg into a garbage bag. Then I put her pants on top of the garbage bag and stuffed it in there really well. Then when we went outside I loaded her into our Radio Flyer wagon and wrapped a towel around her leg for extra measure. Can you tell I don't want this cast to get wet? I did decide to not let her walk in the snow for fear of breaking her other leg or soaking her cast. But I pulled her around the yard in her wagon and let her build a snowgirl from inside her wagon. We even had snowball fights too!

Isabella and Ali Kate loved being in the snow. They had a blast. Isabella made "snow pies," and Ali Kate just kept scooping it up in her hands and licking it. We made two snowgirls complete with berries for eyes, twigs for arms, a hat, a scarf, and other nature items for accessories (we were out of carrots). Grant wasn't too fond of the snow, and I can't blame him. It was almost up to his knees. He really couldn't figure out why he had to wade through this stuff. So Mommy held him alot while I launched snowballs at the girls. Did I mention I grew up in South MS? It snowed maybe 4 or 5 times my whole childhood and NEVER like this. I don't think I've ever seen this much snow before except on a trip to Boston in high school.

We played outside for about an hour until everyone was good and frozen. Then I had the kids totally undress in the entryway and go fetch clean fleece pjs from the clean laundry basket (that saved me from folding and putting away 8 pieces of laundry!). Then they watched a movie while I cleaned up and did some laundry. I also spent some sweet, sweet time alone with Grant looking at picture books and building blocks. He won't let me stack more than 4 before he knocks them over and gut laughs!!

The day went on with indoor play and some great storytime tonight. If you haven't read the book Pinkalicious, you've got to check it out. Love it! The girls (definitely not Grant) love to sit forever and read story after story. Grant likes to hit us in the heads while we read all of those he had to hang with Dad during storytime. Boys are different!

Tomorrow we'll be getting ready for everyone's Valentine's parties at their schools. Yay!