Friday, February 22, 2008

Ali Kate

Ali Kate has begun to pull up. Huge news in the Stine household. She has pulled up all the way to standing about five or six times now. I'm super proud of her. She really has to work hard at it, but she keeps trying. Of course, we cheer and scream for her each time.

Today she had her first physical therapy session at home. The therapist thinks she's already doing great and will continue to improve quickly. She said she may very well be walking in a few months. I'd be so excited. She gave us exercises to encourage walking, standing, cruising, grabbing, and pulling up. So we have our work cut out. We are going to be faithful and work, work, work!

Now Miss Ali Kate has gotten us paged the last two weeks at church.....we've never gotten paged with any of our kids until then. Two weeks ago she got bitten on the cheek by a little friend in class. Poor thing. It didn't break the skin, but it did leave a raised welt and bruised badly. Last week she had a grandmama blowout and had poop all over everything. So we got paged and came to pick her up...she was wearing a ridiculous concoction of clothes they'd put together for her. (Let me note her that I just quit carrying her a change of clothes a couple of months ago because we have not once in her 13 months needed to change her clothes away from home.) Lesson learned. I'll be packing a change of clothes from now on. She had to sit naked for a bit while they scurried to find lost clothing items that would fit her. She came home in Dora socks, a girl shirt, and boys' pants. I thought she was getting sick, but she never had another stinky diaper or anything. So we've missed service the last two weeks with our little stinker's nursery issues.

My little four year old

We went with Claire and Karen to the Children's Museum this week and had a blast. The girls had a great time, and I think Claire was amazed. That first visit is so impressive! Anyway, at one point, Isabella wanted to go to the dance room which is within eyesight of the police car. Abby, however, wanted to remain in the police car and direct the other kids who were her criminals in the backseat. I asked her to come with me so that Isabella could dance, and she said, "I'll be okay here, Mom." I told her that I wanted us to all stay together, and she quickly replied, "I'll be okay. Trust me, baby, trust me." I thought I was going to fall out right there! She sounded like a teenager saying that.

On a different note, Abby went to a different dance class today since we can't be there tomorrow. Last week her teacher taught her the wrong footing for third position. When we were reading a ballet book, Abby noticed that the stance was different. I then asked her what her teacher said. Turns out that the girl teaching taught them fifth position for third. I did take ten years of ballet, and I know my positions. Not much else...but I do know those. So anyway, I showed Abby the five positions correctly as we read the ballet book. So today I see her in ballet telling Mrs. Nikki that the teacher last week was wrong about her positions. Abby proceeded to explain the whole thing to her and how Mommy showed her in a book what third position really was. That child doesn't miss a beat. (At least she didn't tell the mistaken teacher that she was wrong!) more thing....last night I asked Abby at the dinner table what her favorite part of the day was. She said, "When you came to my room to wake me up all by yourself." Make my heart melt. That child is so loving and precious. Now if we could only get her to stay precious when her blood sugar gets too high!

Ballet is definitely Abby's new obsession. We have to wear the outfit, practice the moves, check out books on it, watch the shows, everything. Last week she had to watch Dancing Princesses before ballet because she said Genevieve would get her ready to do ballet. In the pool the other day, we were swimming ballerinas, and we had to do pirouettes and arabesques in the water. It was too cute! She even got Matt to do a plie and a releve the other night. That was priceless!

And let me not be remiss by recording here that yesterday when I went to check her sugar during MOMS....I walked into the room right as she was "delivering her baby" out of her shirt! I laughed so hard. Mrs. Penny said she and Anna Claire had been pretending to be pregnant and delivering babies all year long. I had no idea. Abby has done this once with Sammy and Nicki at our house, but I've never seen her do it any other time. I think all these pregnancies are taking a toll on her! Pregnant at the ripe old age of four. Now that's news!

I'm obviously a cow! Isabella takes the cake with this one. She's been having a hard time lately getting to sleep in her own crib. We've given in and laid with her in our bed to get her to sleep and then carted her sleeping self back to her crib a little later. But I don't want this to become a habit, so I'm trying to enforce her going to bed in her crib like a big girl. Anyway, last night she started screaming hysterically when it was time to go to bed. I was at a loss as to what to do. Ali Kate was ready to sleep, and I didn't want her to upset Ali Kate. But I still had to stay up to do Abby's testing and night-time snack, so snuggling with Isabella just wasn't an option (Matt wasn't home).

Anyway, she started telling me that she was scared. When I asked her what she was scared of, she said, "The cows in my room." So I told her that we'd do a cow check and remove all cows before she went to bed. So we started looking in every corner to make sure there were no cows. Well, all of a sudden, she screams, "There's a cow!" I, being of sane mind, didn't see a cow obviously. So I asked her where the cow was, and she pointed above her dresser. So I carried her over there and asked her to point at the cow. She grabbed the picture of me, Matt, and her at five days old...and pointed directly at ME! I am the culprit cow that's keeping her scared in her room. I immediately sent Abby to the living room with the cow, and Isabella was fine and ready to sleep.

So if being six months pregnant with number four isn't enough to make me feel fat, this did the trick! Thanks, Isabella! I love that girl!