Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Activities


So the teacher in me decided that we'd do a learning Valentine's Day activity. Here's Isabella playing our Valentine's counting game. I made hearts with a number on the left and a corresponding number of pictures on the right. Then I cut them in half. The girls had to count the objects and find the matching half that had the right number. They enjoyed this.

After we played this, we drew hearts out of a bag. Each heart had a magazine picture pasted onto it. For Ali Kate and Isabella, I let them tell me about the picture (size, color, what the object is for, etc.). Abby had a harder job. I had her spell the object, find something that rhymes with it, tell me the first letter, etc. She loved it!

Finally, we had a scavenger hunt. The girls were given a clue written on a pink heart. That led them to the next clue and so on. I actually stumped Matt with one of them. They had to search in the yard for a clue...and after a good ten minutes of intently searching the back yard, Matt asks, "Is it even in the back yard?" No, it was in the front! I loved watching him work to find it too. Too cute. Once in the front, Isabella found it in no time. She also found the final clue quickly...but it took the girls a while to decipher the last clue which led them upstairs to the playroom to claim their Valentine's gifts (books, puppets, and flash cards.) This was the most fun of the day. Overall, a great Valentine's Day even though we were stuck at home with sick kids.
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Ashley said...

What a fun idea! I need some more creativity in my life!