Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making the Rounds

I'm about to make my way out of the "work zone" on the computer to make my final rounds around the house before bedtime. One would think that I'd be way past this by now. But I think I'll probably make "final rounds" at night even when the kids are 18. Even though I tucked them into bed 3 hours ago, I just can't help but sneak into their rooms to kiss them one more time and see their sweet faces once more. No matter what happened that day, all is forgotten as they sleep so peacefully. I love to watch a sleeping baby, a sleeping toddler, and even a sleeping 6 year old. Matt thinks I'm crazy for checking on them once more every night before I settle down for bed. I think it's being a mama. That's what we do.

So in a few minutes, I'll be off to retuck each child into bed, straighten their covers, adjust the thermostats, say little prayers, kiss them once more, and then tiptoe back downstairs to sleep...hopefully through the night. But if one of them does crawl into our bed, I think it'll be alright. These days are fleeing...and one day they'll be too big to want to crawl into our bed at night. And I'll be glad that we let them snuggle while they were little!

Loving these days

My neighbor gave me a gift today, and she didn't even know it. Her boys have been outside playing from time to time with each other...never with Mom and Dad. They're a bit older than my kids, and they play outside in nice weather without their parents. This afternoon while I was having a blast with my kids in the backyard, I noticed my neighbor all alone checking out some work she'd had done on her house. Alone. While I was surrounded by lots of fun, giggly laughter...the kind that's absolutely infectious!

I just stopped right there during our playtime and thanked God for these days. My kids will one day too be big like hers, and these types of afternoons pushing them on the swings will be a distant memory. I know there will be new things to treasure when those days come. But today I stopped to draw in the laughter, the silliness, the fun that is my kids while they're little. Thank you, Lord, for these sweet and tender days with my kids. I've been regretting that they're not tiny anymore. My baby will be 2 in May. Those baby and toddler days flew by! Just like the gray haired ladies told me they would! But I don't have to let these preschooler days fly by. I'm going to soak them in...and spend lots more time giggling in the backyard. I'm so glad I caught a glimpse of my neighbor and that God allowed me to slow down enough to notice how full and blessed my hands were at that moment.