Monday, February 2, 2009

Beginning Blends

I just had to take a minute and share this. Abby and I were working on her beginning blends like br, dr, bl, etc. Anyway, we were talking about things that begin with br, and she says, "I know one....Barack Obama." Well, while it technically doesn't begin with br, I thought that was too funny.

She is also beginning to write sentences which totally amazes me. Today she wrote, "No more crying Grant for nine days." (He had been crying for quite some time with no signs of letting up despite all of my best efforts at comforting him.) She also wrote me a love note on the way to church yesterday that said, "I love mom most." Of course, I kept that and will forever. Those are just too precious.

Anyway, our little brainiac is just constantly amazing us every day. How she picks up on this stuff with no formal education yet is beyond me!

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