Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brave Like Abs

Today I was checking Abby's blood sugar, and Isabella actually grimaced at the sight of the whole thing. My kids are so used to the sight of blood that they don't act the least bit bothered ever. So this was noteworthy. Jokingly I said to Isabella, "Do you want me to check your sugar?" I got an immediate "no." So I headed off downstairs to get Abby's shot ready.

Isabella comes to the top of the stairs and says, "Mom, tomorrow you can check my blood sugar." I asked, "Why?"

She said, "So that I can be brave like Abby. Then I can eat my bar."

"What bar?" I asked.

"The bar with protein and chocolate chips." (The granola bars Abby loves!)

Oh, how sweet of her to recognize how brave her big sis is. We continually praise Abs for her bravery, and I loved hearing Isabella proclaim it. I told Isabella that she's already a brave girl too and that we don't have to check her sugar to know that. Gotta love that sweetie!

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