Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Mom's closet


Last night the girls got out everything they own, I'm pretty sure. It was Abby's idea to use their sleeping bags, pillows, etc. and pretend that they were on vacation. We'll they literally covered most of the kitchen with their stuff (look behind them in the background). When they bored of vacation, they raided my closet. Here Abby is sporting one of my t-shirts, and Isabella has on one of my long sleeved shirts. All 3 girls have on some of my shoes. I thought Matt was back there with them (I was cooking dinner)...but he wasn't! He was upstairs, and they were having a field day in my closet. They had fun...and we had a very long cleanup time last night! Just had to share these pictures!
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Ashley said...

They are all just too cute!!