Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pottery Barn and Jesus I have to blog this really fast before I go and do some housework. When we were in Pottery Barn Kids in Orlando, the girls were playing kitchen with other kids. The store was very open to active play. Anyway, this one girl was being rude to Isabella and grabbing toys from her. Seeing her sister treated this way, Abby walked up to the girl and said," You should share with her. The Bible says that you are supposed to share, so you should share your toys. Okay, sweetie?" It was the sweetest thing for her to try to help Isabella and teach others what she'd been taught. I did try to talk to her about not being too bossy to other kids....I don't want her preaching to everyone. But at the same time I was proud that she wanted everyone to handle the situation correctly and wanted to help them do just that. She is listening to what we teach her!

Baby Update

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I'm 15 weeks along now. Isn't this pregnancy starting to fly by? The heartbeat was in the 160s. Great! Dr. Peeler said all looked well, and we'll do our big ultrasound on Ali Kate's birthday. That will be a big day around here. Her first birthday and the day we've all been waiting for. Girl number four or boy number one? I do have to say that we both kind of want a boy this time. We'd love another girl, but we both have wanted at least one son.

I saw the results of my 3 hour glucola test. My sugars were beautiful. Perfect numbers that I wish Abby could have every day. That drink would have sent her to 400, I promise. Thank God that my pancurious (as Abby calls it) works perfectly.

Anyway, the visit was quick and non-eventful. That's usually good news. I didn't gain any weight this month....even better news. Gotta save room to pack it on at the end....right, Ali

Paramedic Wendy Reporting

The Children's Museum absolutely saved me today. The girls and I have been so stir crazy since we've been cooped up at home so much lately trying to get ready for Christmas, recuperate from vacation, and do mounds of laundry. We spent 3 hours today at CMOM, and we had a blast. Ali Kate got to slide and ride on the rocking horse. Abby put on an intricate puppet show complete with a formal announcement to the "ladies and gentlemen." She even called and made reservations for Ali Kate and I to watch the show. She also gave us a showtime to be at the theater. Isabella had a great time shadowing her big sister as they played house, theater, fire trucks, and more.

We had so much fun at the fire truck. I donned a paramedic vest while we rescued a hurt little girl and put her on the cot to put into the back of the police cruiser so that she could get to the hospital. We had a very complicated storyline about this little girl. Abby's imagination is just taking off.

We invited Matt for an impromptu lunch, and he really had a good time. He brought us sack lunches, and we all feasted in the little cafe they have. Then Matt actually hula-hooped with the girls in the lobby in front of everyone. Major feat in my opinion. We visited the Christmas decorations (Isabella was scared of the Santa popping out of the chimney) on our way to the stage. There Abby and Isabella dressed up and performed all kinds of plays and hosted royal balls. I got to be Prince Wendy. Yes, I said Prince (not princess). Hey....with all girls, someone has to be the prince.

Anyway, CMOM was just what the doctor ordered. We all had so much fun together and didn't worry about what had to be cleaned, washed, or fixed for a few hours. I needed to get out of the house to focus totally on them and give them good Mom time. That membership is worth so much more than what it costs. We're keeping one of those!

Thank you, God, for giving me these three sweet girls and our new baby on the way. I really enjoyed motherhood today. I pray that I get some relaxation and time away here and there so that I can be refreshed and offer them my best each day.