Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday

I decided that I'd join in on this today for the first time. I was going to write about some systematic thing I do...but then I actually experienced something today that was perfect. I had a little MOMS homework to do, and I needed to do it while the kids were all awake. So I let them watch a pre-saved (TIVO or whatever you call it for Direct TV) Olivia show while I did my study. This worked for me on several levels. I was able to finish my study with few interruptions. They were able to enjoy a little TV (they don't get much). They experienced some non-Mommy-involved time which I think was good. Grant napped through it all, so he got a good nap...yay! And my girls got to see me study my Bible. It's so hard for me to follow through on this because I try to do my study while they are asleep (usually naptime). But I think it's important for them to see their mom study the Bible that she talks I was really glad that I tried this different approach today. The other part of "works for me" is that we played outside for a good hour BEFORE the TV break. So everyone was worn out and ready to relax...and we'd gotten some good playtime in. I think we may have to try this strategy a little more often! It worked for me today!


Joey said...

What a great mom and what an awesome job on the blog. You update it all the time. I love it. Your an inspiration to us all.

Rina said...

It's been a long time since my kids have watched TV, but we used to do this very thing whenever I needed to get something done and couldn't watch the kids during that time. This reminds me of how beneficial a (little) TV can be... I need to start doing this again!
Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the tip!

Rina said...

PS Wanted to let you know that I looked at some of the photography websites you linked to - they're beautiful! I recently purchased a new camera and I've been looking for photography sites to help me get a feel for what good portraits look like. The links you shared were great!

Pajama Mama said...

i just started doing this too-trying to study my Bible while the kids are awake. Although because they get too much tv as it is, I let them rest on their napmats and listen to a radio program or audio story (like The Story Hour or Adventures in Odyssey) far so good! Hope it continues to work for you, too!