Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My OCD Daughter...Abby

Ok...so I just have to jot this down lest I forget it over the next 20 years. Last night the girls' room (Ali Kate and Isabella's shared room) was a complete disaster. They had played hard all afternoon and totally wrecked their room. Well, while I was busy doing something, Abby went to Matt and told him that he needed to send the girls to watch TV so that she could clean up their room. She said it was too hard for them to do, so she would do it. Well, did she ever clean up! It was fabulous. She even took every item out of their drawers to straighten and categorize. I walked in when she was using a crayon to draw diagrams inside the drawers of where the socks, shorts, etc. went. I panicked inside a little because she had already drawn a bit in the drawer. Quick Mommy solution? I grabbed some index cards and handed them to her so that she could draw her diagrams on these and place these in the drawers. She wrote their names on them and drew detailed pictures of where every item belongs. Boy was I impressed. She actually had fun doing this! I wish I could say the same when I undertake projects like these! For her hard work, we gave her $5. She fed her piggy immediately! I love that kid and her OCD personality (just like her mama!).

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