Monday, September 22, 2008

The Stine Lizards!

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Look at Abby control the ball at her very first soccer game. This fall we signed Isabella and Abby up for soccer at First Baptist Church in Nesbit. They get to sport these cute lime green jerseys because they are the Lizards! The games are an absolute hoot because everyone is figuring out what they're doing. Isabella spent the entire first game picking grass and flowers while kids ran past her. Abby quickly got the hang of things, and she really rocks. She plays hard and holds her own with the boys who are more aggressive. We've had a good time watching them play.

At the second game, Ali Kate was playing nicely by the sidelines while I was feeding Grant. Somewhere in the mix, Matt had to check Abby's blood sugar because she thought she was low. In the craziness of the moment, Ali Kate wandered onto the field. When I tried to get her off, she pulled one of those toddler stunts where they sit and refuse to get up. Both teams nearly bulldozed her as the action came her way. The referee blew the whistle and screamed out "Fan interference on the field." It was hilarious. Thanks to another mom who gave me her free hand to pull Big Al off the field! Oh, if only I had eight arms!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Nature Lovers!

Today for physical therapy, we went to the park with Ms. Karen. We played some on the playground, and then I suggested a walk on the nature trail. Yes, I am out of my mind! Karen and I took all four of them on the nature trail, and they loved it! Isabella had fistfuls of rocks, leaves, and straw that she gave me as gifts. Abby used old logs as gymnastics balance beams. Ali Kate loved pointing at all the leaves and trees. We did have to avoid a little poison ivy. The girls had a blast. I was so proud of Ali Kate as she went up and down gravel hills with ease. We really worked her hard, and she did it. I was impressed. We did have some attitude meltdowns from the oldest royal highness, and at one point I was so embarrased. When Abby isn't happy, she's extreme.

Anyway, note to self: More nature walks in the future. Just make sure you have another adult on hand.

Grant's crying. Gotta go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was one of the worst days ever in my entire mothering career! Nothing especially bad happened. I just for some reason gave up around noon. I had at least two people crying for the first four hours of the day. The girls went crazy in the monogram store, dressing up in the hats, clothes, and handbags while I paid for a ballet bag. Then the paint store. I've come to dread the paint store because they always act up. Usually they take about 100 of those color cards. Today they fought over the one customer stool that they had. Now I went in and told the man exactly what I wanted. I was in hand...and details blurted out the minute I walked in. But Abby and Isabella managed to totally breakdown in the four or five minutes we were in there. We've started rotating which Sherwin Williams store we go in so that they won't remember our meltdowns so much. Maybe we should just give up painting altogether! Maybe God is sending me a message here! :)

Anyway, I did regroup later in the afternoon, and we had a great afternoon. We had a Build a Bear dress up party. Then we had a secret book club in the puppet theater upstairs. I had to hold Grant during all of it because he was totally inconsolable all afternoon. Thankfully, he went down to bed easily tonight. Poor guy. He's had a hard two days. I just pray that tomorrow will be easier on him.

We start MOMS tomorrow, and I can't wait. That is the most meaningful Bible study I do all week. I look forward to the teaching and the fellowship every week. I hope the morning routine goes smoothly!

Oh...I named this post Abby because Abby really comforted me during my meltdowns today. She is the most tender, loving child on the planet. She held me and just loved on me. She forgives so easily, and I thank her for that. I was a very less than ideal mommy today, but she made me feel like a million bucks! What a gift from God. She even told me that I was a gift from God today. Made my heart melt!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Park Playdate


Isabella and Gabe posed for a quick photo at the girls' favorite park in Jackson. Saturday morning we decided to suprise Matt's parents with an unannounced, impromptu visit. (We did actually try to call that morning to give them fair warning, but they never answered.) We had a great visit and got to spend some good time chatting and catching up. The girls loved playing with their cousin Gabe. It was nice to just relax and enjoy family rather than work on the next home project for once. We've been hanging pictures, sorting stuff, painting rooms, etc. like every weekend since we moved. We needed a break!
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Fairy Tale Ball


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At Stars in Motion, they have a Fairy Tale Ball each year to welcome the girls to dance class. The fairy godmother appears, and the girls do lots of fairy activities. Abby and Isabella had their hair done professionally by Queen Mommy, and Queen Mommy also did their makeup. Yes, I let them wear my makeup for the ball: blush, lip gloss, and eyeshadow. They loved it! I sprayed their hair up to keep the hairdo. Matt thought I'd gone nuts! But's not everyday that you go to a royal ball.

The girls were so excited about this event. Once there, they made crowns and wands to complete their look. They read stories and pranced around the room.

Last Tuesday they started dance class. Abby is super pumped about it. She will be a snowflake in the Nutcracker, and she showed me some of her routine as soon as they got home from class. Isabella has no idea what she'll be. She didn't show me anything at all from dance. Who knows what she learned? I can't wait to see them perform. Abby is a natural performer. She loves to be in the spotlight, and she cherishes attention. She'll be great! Isabella doesn't want large groups to notice her, so she'll probably be in for a huge shock. We'll see. I'll have to post some ballerina photos soon.

Rainy Day Fun

Two weeks ago we thought soccer practice would be rained out, so we decided to let the girls play in the rain. They had a blast. Can't you tell? Abby was the most enthused about her license to get wet and dirty. Ali Kate was wary. Isabella had fun copying everything Abby did. We let them play in the driveway for a good 15 minutes before the thunder sent everyone scurrying into the house! Then we got a call that we were indeed still having soccer practice. So we got everyone dressed and into dry clothes in neck-breaking speed! Our household never has a dull moment. Never. Maybe I should rename this blog: Never a Dull Moment. That's food for thought.
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Ali Kate's First Haircut

Ali Kate went with the girls to get her very first haircut last Saturday. This image captures exactly how she felt during the entire haircut experience. Abby and Isabella love going to the salon to see Miss Kelly, but Ali Kate...not so much. She didn't make a peep but her face showed pure unhappiness the whole time. We didn't cut much off. We just cleaned up her look a little. She still has so many different lengths, but at least it looks somewhat neat now. Poor thing has barely any hair, and it's so thin and fine. Ali Kate looks so cute now with her shorter hair. Thanks to Matt too for enduring all 3 girls' haircuts before taking all 4 kids home so that I could get my haircut. Our stylist is awesome for handling all of our haircuts in a row. I do have to say that all 3 girls did a great job at being quiet and well-behaved during our salon visit. After their haircuts, they were rewarded with lollipops and makeovers (lip gloss and eyeshadow for the older two) compliments of Miss Kelly. Ali Kate just wanted the candy, no makeup for her.

And sadly we don't have the lock of hair for her baby book. Kelly accidentally knocked the saved lock off her counter, and the sweeper girl swept it up before we realized it was missing. She cleans up fast! So we'll have to steal a lock of hair from her 2nd haircut. Oh, well.
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Swinging Sweetheart

Isabella is such a sweet girl (most of the time!). Here she is swinging in our backyard this past week with her sisters. Abby is the swinging woman, and Isabella loves to follow suit. Look at this beautiful face. Hard to imagine that we get so frustrated with her all the time. Boony Grant, anyone?