Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Darling Bella


Would you ever have guessed that this sweet girl had just come home from preschool on a day when she'd been sent to the director TWICE in one day? I mean, look at that sweet face. Isabella had a very rough day at preschool. So rough in fact that when I picked her up, she immediately looked into my eyes and said, "I had a bad day at school." Oh, my heart broke. I thought it'd be years before I heard words like that! Poor thing just can't stop talking during learning time and nap time. I totally understand. Sometimes Matt tells me to be quiet when it's midnight and I won't stop talking. Her problem is genetic. I don't think she can help it! Oh, I have to find the humor in it or I'll just go crazy! Anyway, I had to have a good excuse to post this picture of Isabella. I bought this outfit last spring and was so excited to put her in it for school Wednesday. Now you'll have to see in the next post what she wore a few days later! Something a bit warmer.
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Jean Stockdale said...

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