Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yard Work1

The girls and I spent an hour and half in the front yard trimming hedges while Grant napped this morning. A good way to get the house quiet for his nap and to use our free day. Boy did we work! I didn't realize how HUGE some of our shrubs had gotten until my arms began to ache from so much trimming. The girls (one with a happy heart, two without) scooped up the trimmings and bagged them for me. I was glad to have some helping hands. Many hands make for lighter work...that's for sure. We managed to get all but the tops of two of our largest pieces. I was way too scared to climb any higher on the ladder without adult supervision :) And we need some loppers (I think that's the name of the clippers that cut really thick branches). I bought some new hedge clippers, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on the other ones too while I was at Lowe's yesterday. I'm wishing now I'd spent the money. Anyway, our yard looks a little more loved today. Now Matt gets to RoundUp the flower beds this weekend so that we can do some heavy weeding. Planting may come next week. I only wish I enjoyed this stuff. I like to plant pretty flowers, but I could care less about the hedges and whatnot. Honestly, I hope no one with any landscaping knowledge looks at my shrubs because I honestly didn't know how to shape each one. I know that different plants should be shaped differently, but I don't know if I did any of them right. Maybe my neighbors don't know either. Let's hope so!

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