Thursday, March 19, 2009

Future President?

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I think a Presidential Office may be in the future for Miss Abby Stine! Doesn't she look so at home behind the official seal?

This little lady is already on her way to such things. Let me just take a mama minute to brag on my baby girl! Abby not only can read just about anything that you put before her, but she is writing books now. For fun, she takes a notepad and her fancy plumed pen into the car when we're running errands or going somewhere long distance (which is over 5 miles for the kids). She will think up a story and ask me how to spell words she doesn't know. Together we've written 3 books I think now. She is totally into the way words come together. It's incredible watching her wheels turn when she's figuring something out. That kid is bright! I mean bright! Not only does she have a perfect memory but her ability to pick up material is staggering! She now reads signs, menus, books, whatever she sees. It's awesome!

Anyway, I just had to brag and record this for posterity. One day I'll want to read about my Pre-K novelist! And one day I may need written proof that I taught the President how to read and write!

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Josh and Alisha Williams said...

Well to brag on her mom..she has a great teacher..
I'd vote for her NOW!
Shes gotta know more than ole boy we got up there! done..