Sunday, March 22, 2009

Redneck Fun Matt Style

Oh, I just have to blog this. I only wish I had video to go with it. So I've been doing lots of landscaping this week (i.e. cutting back lots of shrubs that were in dire need of attention), and today Matt helped cut the tops that I couldn't reach. Yes, they were that high! I'm ashamed even as I type this. I do have four kids though, so I cut myself some slack. Anyway, I did a little more pruning after he trimmed their tops this afternoon. So after we grabbed dinner, Matt got out the blower to blow the last tiny pieces off the driveway. Well, Isabella was riding her tricycle in circles around the bottom of the driveway. Matt decides for no apparent reason that it would be fun to blow her with the blower. She LOVED it! He just aimed that thing right at my baby, and she squealed with delight as her hair blew straight up! And to calm everyone's nerves (including my own), let me note that she was several feet danger of getting blown away or having something blown into her eye. Well, he did this a couple of times (to her delight) before mean ole Wendy insisted that this just had to be dangerous (hey, there could be flying rocks or debris involved) and that the redneck fun had to cease. Just plain ole trike riding the rest of the day. While I'll probably never let them do that again, I just had to record for memory's sake my technological husband's bit of redneck fun!