Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From flowers to dirt

So last week we came home from preschool, and the girls immediately ran into the yard to play. Abby came scurrying back with a small flower (I think from a weed) and gave it to me as a gift. Well, always the imitator and never to be outdone, Isabella gives me a leaf and says, "Here's a leaf for you because I love you." Then Ali Kate of course has to join in. So she scoops up some mulch and says, " I have a gift for you. Here's some dirt." How precious to remember. They each gave me the best gifts they could find because they love their mama. So I put a purple flower, a leaf, and some mulch in my pocket to keep them safe and sound. Yes, I did clean out my pockets before laundering! Aren't my girls precious?

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Wren said...

I love it!! They are precious!