Sunday, March 29, 2009

Parenting 24/7

Oh, the joys of life with diabetes. Many thanks to Matt for staying up until 4:45 this morning to keep a watchful eye over Abby. We had a major blood sugar issue last night, and we knew we had to check her blood sugar at least once an hour all night long. We both heartily agreed that we needed to take shifts to make sure that she got checked because we knew that we'd miss a reading if we slept and just set alarms. Matt and I both volunteered to stay up for the first 4 hours (we were already up at midnight doing various projects). He said he really thought he could make it, so I took the next shift (4 a.m. until...). We work better that way. e can pull an all-nighter and crash. Just let me sleep for 4 hours, and I can get up for the day. Not that we usually live like this. But with four kids, you have these nights when they are sick, are injured, or have bad blood sugar scares. So Matt checked her once an hour (blood sugars all good actually), and he actually stayed up until 4:45 (thanks for the extra 45 minutes of sleep). Since I'd gotten 4.5 hours, I was good to go. So here's the early a.m. blog! I'm not a part of the early bloggers club.

I'm so thankful our prayers were answered with Abby's blood sugars. I prayed fervently over her last night, and God listened. She's been fine all night, and she's slept well...never knowing that her parents were up crazy hours tending to her. God does that for us. And I know from first hand experience that although it's do it when you love someone (and because you know they need it). Thank God that He does that for us!

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