Monday, March 2, 2009

Multiple Kids Mondays....Be flexible!

This picture just sums up what I wanted to share flexible! While I was sending some email a few days ago, the girls were playing with Grant in his room (which is right next to the playroom where I was working). Anyway, they began to giggle wildly, and I got up to see what was so funny. This is what I saw. I almost began to lecture them, but then I had to remind myself how funny this was. He does have 3 older sisters after all (who are all ages 5 and under), so we kind of expect this type of thing from time to time. It's only natural. Anyway, I made a mad dash downstairs to grab the camera. After shooting a couple of pics, I de-feminized my little man. Back to the very male striped outfit that he began in!

With four children, I have learned how to truly be flexible. We oftentimes begin our days with Plan A and end up on Plan D by 9:30 in the morning. My days are constantly "thrown off" by potty accidents, spilled milks, hair pulling, toy dumping, blood sugar drops, and other craziness. And I just roll with the punches. You have to. I make the choice each day and several times throughout the day to be flexible. That means oftentimes being a few minutes late to preschool or church. It means sometimes reading a book while we really need to be getting dressed. If I were inflexible, I would miss so many meaningful moments. I would also stay stressed out and frazzled, neither of which really suit! So on this afternoon instead of lecturing them about how their brother was a boy and that boys don't dress up like girls do, I rolled with the punches...laughed with them...took some fun pictures...and then hid the evidence before Matt got home! :)

Thanks for joining my first hosted Multiple Kids Monday. I'm so excited about our new share day! For guidelines, click here. Have any tips or stories you'd like to share? Join in. I'll close the polls around 8 p.m. to prevent spamming. Thanks and enjoy!

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Jean Stockdale said...

I hope you get alot of traffic to your site and your carnival. I have thought about hosting one but do not know anything about Mr. Linky. Wast that hard to set up? This is a great way to get moms to your site. In all my bloggy research I have found 2 good sites to join. One is Moms Bloggers Club-see button on my sidebar. You can get alot of attention for your site there and then consider enrolling in Technorati. Of all the things Ihave done-these 2 have been good investements of time. I will check in with you often. Blessings.

Sugar and Spice Mommy said...

oops! I don't think I followed the "RULES" I will do better next time!:)