Sunday, March 1, 2009



So this is what Isabella looked like only 4 days after the picture in the previous post. Yes, we have crazy weather. It was above 70 on Wednesday, and it snowed all afternoon Saturday and into the night. This picture was taken today in our backyard. With Grant inside napping, the rest of us headed outdoors to enjoy several inches of snow. Big deal here! We threw snowballs, built a snow girl, and attempted to sled down the hill on a used computer monitor box. That's what Isabella is doing here. We played outside for about an hour and had a blast! Finally I had to go indoors because Ali Kate had tired of the snow. She wanted to eat. Imagine that. We then all shed our wet clothes and wore PJs the rest of the day as we played and did household projects! Matt got tons done on my website for my stationery company, and I did tons of household laundry and organizing. The snow was beautiful and lots of fun. We needed a day like today!
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