Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tinkle, Tinkle Isabella

Today is day two of potty training....and I don't want to jinx myself....but I think Isabella has the hang of this! It all started Sunday on the way home from church. She started crying that she needed to use the potty. She'd never used the potty once in her life. When we got home, I asked her if she still needed to potty. We went to the bathroom and she actually peed! Then we made our voyage (just the two of us) to Target for our big girl panty shopping spree. She picked out Dora and Elmo panties although she really wanted the Diego and Thomas boy underwear. She got really frustrated in the store that I wouldn't buy these. Telling her that they were for boys was to no avail. She didn't care at all.

Anyway, we went home and wore them the remainder of the evening. She peed once again before bedtime. Yesterday she pottied 4 or 5 times with NO accidents. Today she tinkled twice in her panties a little, but she told me both times that she'd done it....and she finished her business on the potty. It took Abby a long time to get to that point. She pottied several times today, and she did cry wolf a bit. But it was actually a stress-free day of training. Matt was hoem for New Year's, and it honestly seemed like a normal day.

She hasn't pooped yet....she's taken care of that in her diaper from bedtime. So we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I'm just so proud of her right now. We're rewarding her with 2 M&Ms for each successful tinkle. She loves that immediate satisfaction.

For the record...since I'll forget by the time we train Ali Kate or the new baby (oh, by the way...we find out what we're having in only 3 days.....I'm brimming with anticipation!).....I wanted to record how we're training her. We've gone straight to big girl panties with diapers for naptime and bedtime since she always wakes up wet from sleep. She is getting rewarded...and we're not punishing for accidents. I've taken her many, many times to try....and she's been given extra drink to make her go. She's very excited about her progress. It helps that she's seen Abby go her whole life. We also made phone calls to relatives to announce our big news. She loved that! She also loves showing us her panties.

Anyway, I am very optimistic about this. I'm a little nervous about taking her out for a long time....but we'll take our chances.

Way to go, Isabella!

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