Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scooter Patooter

Scooter Patooter is getting stronger every day. She's really getting to where she can crawl several steps in a fluid motion rather than the crawl, fall on face, sit up routine she was doing. She's also standing rather well when you hold her hands and keep her up. We're working on lifting her to standing by holding her hands. Of course, scooting is still Ali Kate's favorite mode of transportation. And she gets giggles out of everyone in the nursery who witnesses her moving about.

She's really beginning to communicate well too. Ali Kate always does her prayers hands when we sit down to eat. She says "amen" as soon as we're done. When I tell her to "open it" (meaning the flaps on the book), she opens her mouth and says "aaah." She can say uh oh, bye bye, I, amen, mama, and da da. We keep doing picture books and labeling the things around the house so that she'll start to pick up those words. I think it may be coming soon even if little by little. She may have some delays depending on what's causing her hypotonia....but I'm going to operate as if she won't have any delays.

She's making that transition from baby to toddler....I'm so not ready for that transition! She's all over the place, getting into everything.

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