Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog Name, Baby Name ???

Ok...this boy thing is throwing me for a loop. We can not decide at all on what we want to name our son. The funny thing is that we thought we knew which names were our favorite for a boy until we actually found out that we're having a son. Now we're over-analyzing every boy name under the sun. I want something a little different, but not too different. It needs to be a strong man's man name. I love last names as first names for boys, but Matt really doesn't. My favorites include Dawson, Grant, Carter, Anderson, Brock, and Rylan. I love Reece and Jackson, but they are definitely out. Carter basically is too. Matt has a few that he just hates, and that's fine because this is a together decision. We're just having fits finding the name that we both love for our son. I guess we're very picky since this will be our only son! We do agree on that. Four kids is the limit!

And now about the with three princesses won't work soon. Neither will adding "and a prince" because that's simply too long. So I'm brainstorming. I'm thinking something that describes fun chaos, organized craziness, etc....something along those lines. The new name will probably focus on the number of kids rather than the gender. I have no idea!

Now...I do have to say that if this had been a girl... I'd narrowed it down to Lauren or Anna Claire. I figured that out at least! Now I'll just have to bequeath that so someone else!

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