Friday, January 25, 2008

Who's Expecting?

Today Sammy and Nikki came over to play with the girls. Before I knew it, Abby walked into the living room looking for Nurse Sammy to deliver her baby. She had stuffed a baby doll into her shirt and wanted the nurse to take the baby out. Sammy had no interest in delivering the newest Stine family member, so her mom had to perform the delivery. Abby then continued to buzz the nurse to deliver baby after baby. I finally told her that she needed to wait before having more babies because her husband might get overwhelmed. Cheryl told her that she needed to go home from the hospital. Abby said, "No, that's ok. I can just live at the hospital and keep having babies. They have enough rooms for all my babies."

Now, I'm this how Abby perceives me? Yikes! Does she feel like I just keep having baby after baby? I feel like that some days.

Anyway, this was just too cute to not record and remember.

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