Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pottery Barn and Jesus I have to blog this really fast before I go and do some housework. When we were in Pottery Barn Kids in Orlando, the girls were playing kitchen with other kids. The store was very open to active play. Anyway, this one girl was being rude to Isabella and grabbing toys from her. Seeing her sister treated this way, Abby walked up to the girl and said," You should share with her. The Bible says that you are supposed to share, so you should share your toys. Okay, sweetie?" It was the sweetest thing for her to try to help Isabella and teach others what she'd been taught. I did try to talk to her about not being too bossy to other kids....I don't want her preaching to everyone. But at the same time I was proud that she wanted everyone to handle the situation correctly and wanted to help them do just that. She is listening to what we teach her!

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