Friday, January 4, 2008

We're Having a Boy!

Words can hardly express how elated we are today. Today is an awesome day in the Stine household. Ali Kate turned one today which is a huge deal in itself. Didn't I just deliver her yesterday? Has it already been an entire year? We're doing gifts and cupcakes along with dinner out on the town tonight. (Eating out has become a family birthday tradition. Since the birthday girl doesn't have a favorite restaurant yet...and Mommy's pregnant, I think Mommy gets to choose for her. I'm thinking something involving onion rings or french fries....Outback anyone?). We celebrated with Dad and Betty last week, so this is birthday party number 2 for our little princess. We've gotten her a few toys and a Little Giraffe blanket and pillow set. She'll love them! It'll be her first blanket to use in bed since she's now one.

We went in for our ultrasound today...and we're actually having a boy. I can barely type that without wondering if it's for real. After three girls, people only expected us to have another girl. I've been saying this entire pregnancy that it's a boy, but I tried to prepare myself this week for the possibility that it was a fourth girl. Any child is a gift from God, and we'd welcome another girl in our girly world here on Central Trails. Deep down though I really wanted a boy this time. As the tech was doing the ultrasound, I thought twice for sure that I'd seen his malehood. Then she zooms in and stops and says, "Anyone want to guess what that is?" I said, "I think it's pretty definitely a boy." I began crying right then and there. Tears of joy for sure. I think Matt and Abby thought I was crazy. Oh, well. I'd just wanted a boy so badly, and I couldn't believe that I actually had a son in my tummy. What will the Stine household be like with a boy? No telling! He'll have plenty of little mommas for sure! I can't wait to check out the boy stuff. Matt and I are going to have to have the "how long can I put him in smocked clothes" discussion soon. And we've got so many great ideas for boy names. It'll be hard to narrow it down.

Thank you, God, that we have a very healthy baby boy on the way. Everything looked great on the ultrasound. He's measuring 19 weeks, 2 days...and weighs 10 ounces. Oh...and I gained one pounds this month for a whopping weight gain of 3 pounds so far this pregnancy. I'm elated over that too!

Now, do I really have to part with all those gorgeous baby girl clothes we no longer need?

The first person to find out today was Jamie Lee. She was downstairs at the hospital when we were leaving. She was the first one to find out and to see the sonogram picture. Afterward, we tried to call my no avail. Mom, answer your cell phone! We got Matt's mom on the phone. She screamed in delight the entire phone call. Matt started the phone call by acting like nothing was going on and making small talk. Then she kept saying, "Well, tell me, tell me." So he finally said," You're going to have your second grandson." She just screamed! It was like having a firstborn all over again.

When I called my dad, I asked if he remembered that today was a big day. He said, "'s Ali Kate's birthday and you're finding out you're having a boy." I said, "You're right." Then he said, "So did you get her another cake?" I said, "Dad, I just told you big news!" He said, "What big news?" Then I replied, "That you're right. We are having a boy." He almost sounded like a schoolgirl on the other end of the phone. He just kept saying things like "You're kidding" and "I knew it was a boy." Then he said, "I've got to tell Betty. She just knows you're having a girl, but I told her it was a boy." He was tickled blue! He wanted him a grandson for sure.

Oh, Ashley Anthony almost started crying too. She started to tear up when Abby told her. (She kept Isabella and Ali Kate while we went to the doctor.)

I'll try to keep track of the name game we'll play the next bit. Right now we like Dawson and Grant alot...but I don't want to hone in until I've explored all my options.

Yay! I'm just so excited! I'm over the moon!

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