Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bella Grace

I'm very proud of my little Isabella. Although we've had a tough day today together, I am very proud of the changes she's made over the last several months. She has gotten potty training without almost any effort (except the poopy part...we're still working on that). She did get to go to Kroger with Matt last night to get a donut for actually telling us and then pooping in the potty (and keeping clean panties). She picked a purple sprinkled donut. I didn't even know you could purchase such a thing!

The potty is not why I'm journaling though. She's really made great strides in handling her outbursts, her frustrations, and playing with others. Her vocabulary is very, very large. Tonight she was complaining that she couldn't go to a sleepover that Abby only THINKS she's going to. Four year olds don't do sleepovers least not that I'm aware of. Anyway, not many 2 year olds probably understand the concept and can converse on the topic. Isabella is really beginning to show compassion toward Ali Kate. She brings her toys, gives her hugs and kisses, and really pays attention to her. We still have the outbursts of throwing toys at her....but they are getting fewer and fewer. Isabella is learning to behave much better in public and in classroom settings. She's really matured in the last six months.

She's also finally coming around to learning some "academic stuff." She can recognize about six or seven letters...and can count to sixteen. She knows most of her colors too. She knows her days of the week and months of the year. We're really focusing on letters right now.

Her Bible knowledge is there...but mixed up. Last night she wanted to read about Jonah and the ark. She also told me that Isaiah was in the garden with Adam and Eve. Well, at least the names of Bible characters are in her brain somewhere. We just have to straighten them out. Hey...she does know that Jonah was supposed to go to Nineveh. I think that's impressive. She also knows Ephesians 6:1 by heart. Of course, she gets plenty of practice repeating that one day in and day out.

Anyway, my little rebel is calming down a bit. I'm super proud of the strides she's made. Hopefully the new baby won't cause her to rebel extra to get attention. We'll see!

Amy told me that she was very imaginative, moreso than her peers, at church Tuesday. She went on and on about how smart and imaginative Isabella is. I was very proud of her.

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