Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cow Kroger, Nineveh, Moo, and More

So I'm supposed to be de-cluttering my closet, but I just don't want to. I know that's not very mature....but it's just an overwhelming project at the end of a busy day. Maybe I'll start and then finish tomorrow.

Anyway, during dinner tonight Isabella told me that cows eat hay. I said, "No, they don't eat hay. They eat grass." Abby, who had already left the table, piped in from the living room and said, "No, no no. I'll tell you what cows eat. Cows eat cheese." She was very serious about this. So I asked her if the mommy cows went to Kroger every week to buy their cheese, and she told me that they do "if there's a Cow Kroger." So we'll be on the lookout for a Cow Kroger in the area in case we ever need to give our cow some cheese!

Isabella has had her fair share of cute sayings the last few days. The other night when Matt asked her what the Bible was about, she said, "Nineveh." Matt said, "Who went to Nineveh?" Isabella emphatically answered, "Jonah did NOT go to Nineveh." (Which is true before that whole whale bit)

Last night we were having a devotion with just Isabella and discussing how God made everything (flowers, plants, trees, etc.). When we were reviewing the story, I asked Isabella who made flowers and trees. She said, "Jon did." Then I said, "Which Jon?" She said, "The one that has Mrs. Krystal." So I explained to her that Jon does not make the trees and plants. She then continued to insist the rest of the evening that Jon made the animals, plants, etc. and that Krystal made people. We'll have to work on that Bible lesson a little more!

Isabella has been telling me alot lately that I'm her "best mommy in the world ever." I LOVE THAT! When I ask her who she loves though, she always answers Daddy, then Abby, then Ali Kate. She never includes me on the list. Not sure why since she declares her undying love for me every day.

She and I were in Abby's room yesterday, and she told me that when she grows up, she's going to live in Abby's room and play with her toys. She said "I'll love that." Until then, I think Abby's room is off-limits to Isabella without the express permission of Princess Abby! When we find a new house, they are going to be in for a surprise when they get to share a room for many years to come!

Ali Kate Update: Today Ali Kate said three new words: banana (nana), moo (moo), and yes (yeah). She said banana at breakfast (that's what she was eating). She mooed for us tonight while we were reading a baby animal book. When I asked her if she had bubbles in her bath (compliments of her bath wash...not bubble bath for a baby!), she said, "yeah." I'm super proud of her! She's really attentive and beginning to take off. She can clap on cue during "If You're Happy and You Know It." She also does her prayer hands when we sit down to eat....and she ends the prayer with a hearty amen every time. She loves to initiate peek-a-boo, and she loves it. She also blew me a kiss for the first time a couple of days ago....just in time for Valentine's Day. What a cutie!

My girls...I just could eat them up. They really do keep Matt and I going with their crazy antics, cute faces, and barrels of fun. I'm so glad God gave us each of them. I can't imagine life any other way.... they are the best daughters "in the world ever."

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