Friday, January 25, 2008

Preach On, Dr. Gaines (and Abby)

Abby ended up attending service with us Sunday because she had a rotten encounter with a little boy in Sunday School. When I went to check her blood sugar on my way to service, she burst into tears and wouldn't stop crying. Apparently a little boy said something mean to her (she wouldn't repeat what he'd said), and she was not coping well. She begged to go to big church with me. So I let her. She's learning God's Word either way.

Well, she was obviously listening very closely to Dr. Gaines. At some point, he got off on a tangent about how we are not to make this earth our home and how our homes are merely tents we use in passing. He was talking about not focusing on having large, extravagant homes. Well, Abby looked me square in the face and said," But it's ok if we get a large house because we need more space." Yes, Abby, we do need more space.

Then later on he was talking about where we can share about Jesus. He was talking about sharing at work, with neighbors, etc. He asked the rhetorical question, "With whom should we share the Gospel?" Abby enthusiastically answered, "Anyone." Then he actually said, "Anyone." She was so proud of herself for knowing what Dr. Gaines wanted.

So the lesson learned here.... she is listening and absorbing even when I don't think she is!

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