Thursday, April 9, 2009

My newest project this has Lindsay Jones written all over it...girly, cute, and girly! Yes, I know I said girly twice. Lindsay, if you're reading this before Easter, you are definitely too addicted! Just thought I'd say hi to you on my blog!

So I decided that I'm going to offer a few non-stationery items in Duck Duck Goose Designs. I plan on offering 95% stationery items but a few personalized gifts such as this (I can paint your name on these to make it truly yours!). Anyway, this was my first attempt at these frames, and I thought they turned out fabulous! I plan on attempting some new designs tomorrow if time permits (translated...about 2 weeks from now!). Angelina shared a bit about decoupage with me, so I'm going to venture into that for these frames. I also have a few rabbits up my sleeve involving monograms for these too. I'm so excited!! For now, this lovely frame is a love gift to my Isabella for use in her cotton candy pink room. She wanted cotton candy pink, so she's got cotton candy pink!

Anyway, it's very late. I have to clean up my art mess all over the kitchen and get some sleep. Our days start early with our little man. Then the girls all join us about 30 minutes later. I do have tons to blog about Ali Kate and Isabella in the next few days (hair cutting, ladybug story, ladybug dress...jotting down topics so that I won't forget them!).

Too da loo!
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laurenbusbee said...

Love the frame! And the ladybug story. Too cute!

Wren said...

Love the frame...and your name!!! (Duck Duck Goose Designs!)