Monday, April 20, 2009

I Got Sticky!


Today Ali Kate and I indulged in an Oreo dessert at lunch while the girls were away at preschool (we have a tendency to treat ourselves sometimes while they are away). Anyway, I let her have one oreo for dessert with her lunch, and this is what she looked like! She lifted her hands to me and said, "I got sticky." So I said, "I'll help you after I finish feeding Grant." She then screams, "You gotta clean it. I got sticky. It's yuck!" So we had to pause a minute and disinfect her, oops I mean wipe her down, before I finished feeding Grant. How one child can make this much mess with one cookie is totally beyond me. But leave it up to Ali Kate to make a gigantic mess out of nothing. She's the best at that!
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