Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, that Ali Kate

Ali Kate is just a barrel of fun! That girl is absolutely crazy! I have the most fun with her.

Let me tell her ladybug story. Yesterday we were driving home from MOMS (so it's close to nap time and they are exhausted). Well, I was on the cell phone (yes, talking and driving...that's my best talk time unfortunately) with a mom from preschool. Ali Kate starts this hysterical screaming and crying. I just knew she had cut herself on something or was bleeding profusely. It was that kind of scream. I start peppering Abby with questions (you have to visualize this. I am driving on I240 at 65 mph. Ali Kate and Abby are in the 3rd row of the minivan, so I can't reach them.). Well, Abby tells me that she isn't hurt and that she doesn't know why she's crying. Then I hear "BUG!" Ali Kate apparently saw a ladybug crawling on her window and instead of wanting to play with it like I did as a kid, she was in complete hysterics. I had to quickly end my phone call and try to calm her down until we could reach an exit. We had to pull over in a very unsafe area off I240 to release this ladybug. She was screaming at the top of her lungs the entire time. What was probably 2 or 3 minutes felt like 100! By the time I pulled over, I didn't see a ladybug. So I told her that it was gone and eventually she calmed down.

That in and of itself is worth remembering. But it gets even funnier. We get home and have an Easter delivery from my mom. Bunnies, stickers, games, movies, books, etc. I let the kids stay up a while and enjoy their new gifts. Well, I neglected to mention that Ali Kate was wearing an adorable ladybug dress by Bailey Boys. In the middle of playing, she starts ripping at her dress and screaming, "Get that bug off. The bug has poop!" She was in hysterics again! Now let me point out that these are hot pink and lime green ladybugs (cute...not creepy and crawly). She starts trying to rip her dress apart as she screams about these pooping ladybugs. I was about to fall out laughing. I quickly removed her dress and let her play in her bloomers for a while. So then I began to wonder...was there ever a real bug in the minivan? Was it her dress all along? Am I going to have to retire this precious dress because it has ladybugs on it? Do I need to save up for psychiatric help for big Al? Just kidding on that last one! I may need to save up for me some help!

So there you have it. Ali at her finest. Yesterday was ladybug day for us. And even when she was asleep last night, she called out "bug" in her sleep. We had to calm her down and assure her that we'd taken care of all the bugs!

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Wren said...

That is hilarious!!!!