Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt @ Getwell Road


Last weekend Abby and Isabella's preschool had a morning of Easter activities for the kids on Saturday. We headed over there and were overwhelmed by what a big deal it was! I think nearly everyone I know in Desoto County was there! They had face painting, tons of preschool games, the Easter Bunny, craft centers, bracelet making, a Bible story activity, and an Easter Egg Hunt. While we personally don't do the Easter bunny at our home (and thus didn't take pics with the bunny), we did have lots of fun making faith bracelets, playing in the wading pools, etc. The girls had a blast. Here's our whole crew after the hunt, all partaking of a little candy. That was Isabella's favorite part she said! They sat like this for about 10 minutes to rest after their crazy egg hunting (we just hoped no one ran off because they split up in 3 different directions!). We enjoyed the time together as a family. We then had to head down to Hernando to pick up Isabella's Easter dress which had FINALLY come in (I ordered it back in February!). A little drama keeps life interesting, right? We had a wonderful day as a family that day.
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