Thursday, January 1, 2009



December 20th found us throwing a surprise party for Matt's 30th birthday. I can hardly believe today that he's already 30. We first met and began dating when we were 18 years old, so 12 years have flown by! Matt's parents worked with me to create a Shutterfly memory book that went from Matt's birth until just a few weeks ago. The book captures his whole life in a few snapshots. We also planned a day of fun for Matt. They came at 1:00 to babysit which was a total surprise to Matt. We made a big deal out of their babysitting so that he thought that the date was his big surprise. We went to Logans to have appetizers and then to a movie. Boy was that fun! We rarely get to go on dates, so this was a huge treat for us. We then scrambled home to get the house ready for the party. Matt and his dad went to Target to "shop for Christmas" (at least that's what Matt thought they were doing). We then sent them to pick up pasta from Pizza Hut (a good excuse to get them back home and a good way to round out the food I'd prepared). This is Matt when he walked through the front door and saw everyone yelling "surprise." I love this picture! We had a wonderful night of visiting with friends and playing a Matt trivia game (30 questions about Matt's 30 years).
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