Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh, we're in over our heads!

Here's what we've been doing....getting clothes ready to sell...and Ebaying!

Today we spent what could have been a very lazy Saturday sifting through and sorting through boxes upon boxes of clothes. Let me just say that our children have owned way too many clothes! We had 13 boxes from preemie to 4T absolutely packed to the brim! Why did we do this? Well, we've decided that our family is full and that it's time to sell all these adorable clothes. I actually spent time Friday reading the ins and outs on Ebay of how to become a seller. And my non-tech-savvy self is actually an Ebay seller....can you believe it? I need to pinch myself. This is not my realm at all. I have never purchased anything on Ebay, and I am not familiar at all with the system....yes, I'm behind about 15 years. That's why being married to Matt balances me since he is Mr. Tech. So we'll see how all the selling goes. I think I'm going to have an "Open House" for friends and acquaintances to shop the best pieces before offering them in a garage sale in March. So if you've ever admired any of the Stine girls' clothes, feel free to ask me to see pictures of what we're selling or to come over to see them. We're selling preemie through 2T in girls and newborn through 9 months in boys. We hope all this work will help us clear out our packed garage so that we can park in it again!

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