Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ali Kate!


Only six days ago we wished our baby girl a Happy 2nd Birthday. I still can't believe almost a week later that Ali Kate is actually two years old. Didn't I have her yesterday? Matt and I were reflecting on her birthday, and we remember every detail of that day. She was delivered by a scheduled C-section, and that was the first time that any of our children had a scheduled birthday. His parents came to keep the girls while we went to the hospital. I remember fixing breakfast for the girls, not being able to eat or drink anything since I was having a baby that afternoon. All day I was so nervous knowing that I was having surgery in a few hours. I can remember the red sweater that I wore, and taking our last picture as a family of four before we headed for the hospital. We ran two errands on the way to the hospital, and I was nervous we'd be late for her birth....crazy, isn't it? As it turned out, Dr.Lynn got detained in another surgery and was 2 1/2 hours we had plenty of time to wait. I remember being so hungry by 3:30 that afternoon (I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since 10:30 the night before) that I told Matt that I was leaving the hospital if they didn't take the baby in the next few minutes. I never do the prep room well. They put you in a room to wait before they whisk you off to the operating room, and that room always unnerves me...every time.

Anyway, we've had a great two years with Ali Kate. She has grown so much in those 2 years...and she is the brightest girl I've ever seen. She has been talking in complete sentences since 18 months, and she can count to 20. She converses like a 3 year old (and better than some). She is extremely obedient, and she even sits in time out until she is dismissed. I wish I could teach her sisters that! Ali Kate is a mommy's girl to a fault. She wants me to hold her and take care of her constantly. She is a cuddle bug for sure. Ali Kate adores her big sisters, and she always wants to keep up with them. She's a fast learner and an enthusiastic kiddo. She has defied the odds in terms of her physical development. I'll never forget that neurologist telling me that she may never walk...but let me tell you...she can walk, run, jump, climb, hop, race....she's our miracle kid. We were given a very bad diagnosis with her hypotonia, but she has responded incredibly to her weekly physical therapy. In fact, she is about to be discharged, and I'm so proud of her. She's an awesome girl, and we are glad we've gotten two great years with her.

As for her birthday, we celebrated with just our family last Sunday. We let her have a cupcake for breakfast. She looked at it and at me several times to see if I was really going to let her have it. What a treat! Then we went to church. When we came home, she tore into her gifts with great enthusiasm and lots of help from you know who (Isabella). She got a new dollhouse that's got fewer piece and chubbier people than our other one. She also got a new tricycle and a My Little Pony that has a "get well" kit. She's obsessed with My Little Pony although she's never seen the show or movie. She loved her gifts, and the girls honestly played with the new toys for hours that afternoon. We had lots of time as a whole family, and it was so nice. Ali Kate will have her birthday party this coming Saturday, so she'll get one more chance to celebrate and eat cupcakes! After all, according to her, she "needs a cupcake, Mama." Happy Birthday, Al!

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