Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Boy Update

So, I haven't blogged in forever....but that's ok. I'm giving myself an "out." I'm now 32 weeks 2 days pregnant with our blue bundle of joy. And I do have three very boisterous young girls keeping me busy around the clock (literally). So I'm going to try to journal some about everyone if the girls don't wake up from nap before I finish.

We have a name! We finally decided on Grant Dawson Stine. We actually narrowed it down to Grant, Jack Dawson, Dawson, or Jackson Grant several weeks ago. We knew that Grant would be some combination of those names. Even though we think Grant flows better as a middle name, we both wanted to name our son Grant. Matt suggested naming him Dawson Grant and calling him Grant, but I wanted to name him what he was going to be called. So we just decided to choose a middle name that we liked even if it didn't flow beautifully. We both love the name Grant, and I think it's a good strong man's man name. This was a major decision for us because this is the only son we'll ever have and because we differ so much in our opinions. Matt likes more common names; I like more unusual names. We're super excited to finally have a son with a name. YAY!

I had an ultrasound at 29 weeks for minor complications, and Grant already weighed 3 lb. 14 oz. The tech looked at me and asked if my other babies were big. I told her yes, and she said, "Well, this one's huge too. Not abnormally large to where we think there's a medical problem, but very large." Thanks. So we're getting only 3-6 month clothes with the exception of one or two gowns that were newborn that I just loved. If we go full term (and I'm praying we do), we can expect a big boy. That's fine with us. Ali Kate definitely prepared us for that possibility!

We've set a C-section date provided that there are no problems before then. We've tentatively decided on May 20th (10 days before my due date) to bring Grant into the world. God may have other plans for an earlier arrival, and we'll adjust if He does. I'm so hoping that our house sells before then so that we can be settled in a larger home before Grant gets here. I'll be glad to be home from the hospital by my birthday, and I'll have plenty of time to recuperate before it's time to throw Isabella's 3rd birthday party.

I'm huge....I'll post pictures with Matt's help later. I actually got asked the other day if I was having twins. I very quickly replied, "No, number four. I've gotten much bigger each pregnancy." The lady then continued to look at another lady and say, "Don't you think she looks like she's having twins?" I wanted to crawl under the table....well, not really because then I wouldn't have been able to get back up. Very few clothing items fit right now, but I'm okay with that. May 20th is 6 weeks from Tuesday; I can make it that long for sure.

Well, I'll go to the doctor Friday for another checkup. Hope all goes well. He told me last visit to start resting....or I was going to end up on bedrest. I've had lots of cramping and contractions, and I think that scared him since I've had two preemies already. He said it was time to call in the troops and get some help with the kids. So far I think I'm okay, but we may have to call in family if I get put on bedrest. Let's hope I don't. I'd be miserable, and so would my girls. Hopefully he'll tell me he feels like all is ok this visit.

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