Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've now officially been on bedrest for a full week, and this is not for me. I am very much a hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of woman. So having other people clean, cook, and care for my children is so foreign. Isabella and Ali Kate have been in Jackson with Granny and Paw-paw since Sunday night. I know they are having a great time, but I miss them so badly. I want to just hold them and cuddle them with all my might! Ali Kate came home for a day yesterday so that she could go to the neurologist, and I didn't want her to go back to Jackson at all. It was so good to kiss her and snuggle with her. She's even picked up a couple of new words while she was gone. Isabella is having a grand time playing with her cousin, keeping him on his toes I'm sure. She's apparently been on good behavior which is exciting. I guess without Abby there to fight with....

Abby and I have had some great one-on-one time. We're using this week to spend time just the two of us. We've colored, had pajama movie night, done a makeover, played games, read books, snuggled, taken naps together. It's been so nice. I'm loving having just her although it comes at the cost of missing my other two so very much. I hope Abby really remembers and appreciates our time together. Too bad it happened due to bedrest. I would love instead to be taking her to all kinds of neat places and doing unusual things....but this time at home has been really special.

Abby and I went to Dale's Sunday night for dinner (I figured that would be less work than cooking myself), and we had a delightful date. Abby told everyone from the hostess to the waitress that we didn't have our family with us. She told them about her sisters being in Jackson and about how she was out with Mommy. She told them that she was four and that she was having a baby brother named Grant. It was adorable. She ordered for herself, put her napkin in her lap, and thanked them each time they brought something. She was very polite and well-behaved. When the waitress asked how we were, Abby said, "Oh, just fine. Thank you." So prim and proper! The man beside us stopped on his way out and complimented her behavior and her beautiful appearance. He really went on and on about how cute she was. She ate up every word! At another point during dinner, Abby said, "Mom, we can actually talk. I like this alot." I've really talked more to her in great depth about things than normal because no one else is clamoring for my attention. I've loved every minute of her big girl conversations.

Today Emily Rainey came to the house to take maternity photos. I am really excited about them. I've never done these, so this is a huge step for me. I've never wanted a camera near me during pregnancy (and I'm much larger this time than ever), but I was super-excited about capturing this time in my life. This is our last baby, and I want to remember how I looked and felt. I wish I'd been journaling this entire pregnancy, but I've been raising three beautiful daughters instead. Something has to give somewhere! I have learned that I can't do it all! While I do hope that Grant makes it to at least 37 weeks, I am so ready to meet him and hold him. I love the feel of a newborn baby.

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