Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How many more days?!? now we are down to 20 days before we meet little (or shall I say big) baby Grant? This week has been a flurry of pre-baby activity. Monday I went in for a BPP (biophysical profile) to check fluid levels, baby's growth, movement, etc. He didn't move at all until they put a buzzer on my tummy twice. It was a little weird. After being buzzed twice, he did move just a hair. Obviously Mr. Grant was in a good sleep and didn't want to be disturbed! Everything looked great. He is measuring about a week ahead, and he weighs 6 lb. 6 oz. so far. That means if we go another 20 days, he'll probably be a good 9 pounds like his big sis.

Monday night I was up until 3 a.m. with heavy contractions and intense uterine pressure. I really thought I was in the beginning stages of labor. I woke Matt up at 1:30 and told him that if it didn't stop by 3:30 we were going to the hospital. No matter what I did (lay down, sit up, walk around) the pain would not subside. I was miserable. I couldn't get comfortable at all. Then yesterday it all continued intermittently throughout the day. I had lots of strong contractions, back pain, and lower pressure. I went in at 3 to be checked, and nothing at all was happening. Dr. Sullivant actually seemed apologetic when he told me that I wasn't dilated at all. Let me just say that if all that pain didn't make anything happen, I don't want to know what pain is necessary to cause me to dilate. I really did feel like I remember feeling when I went into labor with Isabella. That's why I was convinced that this baby was beginning his arrival. But Grant obviously has other plans.

Anyway, I asked the doctor how I'm going to really know when I'm actually in labor (since I thought I was yesterday), and he said that there's no surefire way of knowing. He told me to come in as often as I felt like I needed to. That won't be happening. I pray my water breaks if I do go into labor before my scheduled date because it's so hard to decide what's true labor if yesterday's pain wasn't. Anyway, Dr. Peeler wants me to be checked and do a NST Friday, so we'll do that. Maybe he'll decide to take Grant the 13th. I'd be so grateful. Of course, if he needs to wait longer, we'll wait. We want him to be 100% healthy.

Today I feel pretty good. I took a Darvaset and Ambien last night to dull the pain and help me sleep. I slept until 8 this morning with only one night-time bathroom trip. I haven't slept like that in ages. I won't do this very often, but I needed the peaceful sleep. Matt took the entire night by himself. Thanks, honey! I've had some contractions today but not ones worth any attention. Just the usual ones. we've got 20 days left....we can do this! In a way, I'm so ready for him to be here. In another, I could wait forever because I know things are going to be hard for a while with four little ones. I also don't know what it will be like to know that I will never once again feel a baby in my belly. That's going to be a hard thing to accept because I love being pregnant (except these last few weeks!).

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