Thursday, April 24, 2008

Talking up a storm

In a house full of women, one would guess that it's a little hard to get a word in oftentimes. Anyone who thinks that in our house would be right! Abby, Isabella, and I use up gallons of words a day. So that doesn't leave room for anyone else to add to the conversation. Well....

Ali Kate has decided in the last two weeks that she wants to get a word in edgewise. She has become a blossoming linguist over the last several days. In less than two weeks, she's added apple, head, Paw-paw, mouth, peez (please), moo, bear, bunny, book, Abby, Bella, and cup to her stash of words. I'm sure I'm forgetting at least a half dozen more words, but those are the first ones that come to mind. Oh yeah...she also says "ew" all the time (Thanks to Sandra Boynton's bunny who eats broccoli'll have to read the book to understand!). Anyway, we are at the point where we can identify objects in books and around the house (since we're still stuck here day after day), and she will pick up on new words after a try or two. She's really enthusiastic about learning them, and we cheer her on with lots of praise. That baby gets more "yays" in a day than I may have gotten in the last ten years! She just lights up when you cheer for her like that.

At dinner last week, Ali Kate was devouring our meal. I have no idea what we were eating (my mind is sapped by this pregnancy), but she obviously loved it. At one point, Abby looks at Ali Kate and says, "Ali, you're eating like a horse." Ali Kate so promptly and appropriately replied, "Neigh." We laughed until our bellies hurt! Her timing couldn't have been better.

Other than thinking that both cows and horses say neigh, she's really coming along with her animal sounds. She knows the sounds for cows, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, and monkeys. Her monkey sounds is the cutest by far. She loves to neigh though for no reason at all, so we have an in-house horse on our hands!

I'm loving this stage with Ali Kate. She just melts my heart every day. She loves to cruise on the couch to me (where I've been spending lots of time the past two weeks) and just cuddle against me. She pops that thumb into her mouth and sucks it while she cuddles. It's so adorable. She also just rests beside her baby brother (who takes up my entire lap) and snuggles. She's going to have a rough transition when Grant arrives. She is very good at being the baby, and I don't know if she's ready to relinquish that role quite yet. I'm not ready for her I guess we'll just have two babies!

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