Friday, February 22, 2008

Ali Kate

Ali Kate has begun to pull up. Huge news in the Stine household. She has pulled up all the way to standing about five or six times now. I'm super proud of her. She really has to work hard at it, but she keeps trying. Of course, we cheer and scream for her each time.

Today she had her first physical therapy session at home. The therapist thinks she's already doing great and will continue to improve quickly. She said she may very well be walking in a few months. I'd be so excited. She gave us exercises to encourage walking, standing, cruising, grabbing, and pulling up. So we have our work cut out. We are going to be faithful and work, work, work!

Now Miss Ali Kate has gotten us paged the last two weeks at church.....we've never gotten paged with any of our kids until then. Two weeks ago she got bitten on the cheek by a little friend in class. Poor thing. It didn't break the skin, but it did leave a raised welt and bruised badly. Last week she had a grandmama blowout and had poop all over everything. So we got paged and came to pick her up...she was wearing a ridiculous concoction of clothes they'd put together for her. (Let me note her that I just quit carrying her a change of clothes a couple of months ago because we have not once in her 13 months needed to change her clothes away from home.) Lesson learned. I'll be packing a change of clothes from now on. She had to sit naked for a bit while they scurried to find lost clothing items that would fit her. She came home in Dora socks, a girl shirt, and boys' pants. I thought she was getting sick, but she never had another stinky diaper or anything. So we've missed service the last two weeks with our little stinker's nursery issues.

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