Monday, September 22, 2008

The Stine Lizards!

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Look at Abby control the ball at her very first soccer game. This fall we signed Isabella and Abby up for soccer at First Baptist Church in Nesbit. They get to sport these cute lime green jerseys because they are the Lizards! The games are an absolute hoot because everyone is figuring out what they're doing. Isabella spent the entire first game picking grass and flowers while kids ran past her. Abby quickly got the hang of things, and she really rocks. She plays hard and holds her own with the boys who are more aggressive. We've had a good time watching them play.

At the second game, Ali Kate was playing nicely by the sidelines while I was feeding Grant. Somewhere in the mix, Matt had to check Abby's blood sugar because she thought she was low. In the craziness of the moment, Ali Kate wandered onto the field. When I tried to get her off, she pulled one of those toddler stunts where they sit and refuse to get up. Both teams nearly bulldozed her as the action came her way. The referee blew the whistle and screamed out "Fan interference on the field." It was hilarious. Thanks to another mom who gave me her free hand to pull Big Al off the field! Oh, if only I had eight arms!

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