Monday, September 8, 2008

Ali Kate's First Haircut

Ali Kate went with the girls to get her very first haircut last Saturday. This image captures exactly how she felt during the entire haircut experience. Abby and Isabella love going to the salon to see Miss Kelly, but Ali Kate...not so much. She didn't make a peep but her face showed pure unhappiness the whole time. We didn't cut much off. We just cleaned up her look a little. She still has so many different lengths, but at least it looks somewhat neat now. Poor thing has barely any hair, and it's so thin and fine. Ali Kate looks so cute now with her shorter hair. Thanks to Matt too for enduring all 3 girls' haircuts before taking all 4 kids home so that I could get my haircut. Our stylist is awesome for handling all of our haircuts in a row. I do have to say that all 3 girls did a great job at being quiet and well-behaved during our salon visit. After their haircuts, they were rewarded with lollipops and makeovers (lip gloss and eyeshadow for the older two) compliments of Miss Kelly. Ali Kate just wanted the candy, no makeup for her.

And sadly we don't have the lock of hair for her baby book. Kelly accidentally knocked the saved lock off her counter, and the sweeper girl swept it up before we realized it was missing. She cleans up fast! So we'll have to steal a lock of hair from her 2nd haircut. Oh, well.
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