Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Nature Lovers!

Today for physical therapy, we went to the park with Ms. Karen. We played some on the playground, and then I suggested a walk on the nature trail. Yes, I am out of my mind! Karen and I took all four of them on the nature trail, and they loved it! Isabella had fistfuls of rocks, leaves, and straw that she gave me as gifts. Abby used old logs as gymnastics balance beams. Ali Kate loved pointing at all the leaves and trees. We did have to avoid a little poison ivy. The girls had a blast. I was so proud of Ali Kate as she went up and down gravel hills with ease. We really worked her hard, and she did it. I was impressed. We did have some attitude meltdowns from the oldest royal highness, and at one point I was so embarrased. When Abby isn't happy, she's extreme.

Anyway, note to self: More nature walks in the future. Just make sure you have another adult on hand.

Grant's crying. Gotta go.

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