Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was one of the worst days ever in my entire mothering career! Nothing especially bad happened. I just for some reason gave up around noon. I had at least two people crying for the first four hours of the day. The girls went crazy in the monogram store, dressing up in the hats, clothes, and handbags while I paid for a ballet bag. Then the paint store. I've come to dread the paint store because they always act up. Usually they take about 100 of those color cards. Today they fought over the one customer stool that they had. Now I went in and told the man exactly what I wanted. I was in hand...and details blurted out the minute I walked in. But Abby and Isabella managed to totally breakdown in the four or five minutes we were in there. We've started rotating which Sherwin Williams store we go in so that they won't remember our meltdowns so much. Maybe we should just give up painting altogether! Maybe God is sending me a message here! :)

Anyway, I did regroup later in the afternoon, and we had a great afternoon. We had a Build a Bear dress up party. Then we had a secret book club in the puppet theater upstairs. I had to hold Grant during all of it because he was totally inconsolable all afternoon. Thankfully, he went down to bed easily tonight. Poor guy. He's had a hard two days. I just pray that tomorrow will be easier on him.

We start MOMS tomorrow, and I can't wait. That is the most meaningful Bible study I do all week. I look forward to the teaching and the fellowship every week. I hope the morning routine goes smoothly!

Oh...I named this post Abby because Abby really comforted me during my meltdowns today. She is the most tender, loving child on the planet. She held me and just loved on me. She forgives so easily, and I thank her for that. I was a very less than ideal mommy today, but she made me feel like a million bucks! What a gift from God. She even told me that I was a gift from God today. Made my heart melt!

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