Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is pitiful


My family absolutely LOVES these all-natural Cheetos (which I inadvertently called organic for like 6 months before my dear husband finally graciously corrected me). Anyway, they haven't had them for like 3 weeks at Kroger much to our disappointment. So Monday when the grocery guy asked me if I was finding everything ok, I actually asked him to help me find them. They've always been on a certain endcap, and I grab a bag each week (despite their crazy price of $'s one of our few grocery splurges...and well worth it). They were replaced with Doritos (who really cares about Doritos when you could have these?!?). I had searched the chip aisle to no avail. But the guy found the Frito-Lay Rep who was stocking the shelves. He kindly told me that he had some on his truck and that he hadn't been putting them in Kroger because they didn't leave a space for them. I told him that we LOVED them...and so he said that he'd clear off some of those Doritos and make us a space for our white Cheetos. What a sweet man! Matt laughed at me when I told him what I'd done. Abby asked if the shelf would have our name on it. Not quite, I told her. But I will be glad to be able to keep buying them. For all you Desoto County Kroger shoppers, you're welcome! And if you've never tried these, buy a bag today! They're yummy!
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Morgan said...

"natural" cheetos, who would have thought.

Ashley said...

my sister introduced me to these; I love them too!

laurenbusbee said...

We LOVE these. Yes, they are a splurge, but when I try to talk the kids into getting the cheaper "orange"ones, they have a fit!! We've found them at our local WalMart, but they aren't always there either!