Saturday, May 30, 2009

If you live near Memphis....

then you have to order a cake from Too Much Designs! Shelly made both Grant's birthday cake and my birthday cake, and they were delicious. You'll notice next time you see me that I ate a bit too much of both! She did Isabella's cake last year, and it was both adorable and delicious. And did I mention very well-priced? My in-laws ate two slices each (a first for them at any of our parties). And I ate, well, a bunch! I can't say enough about how very cute her designs are and how very moist and perfect her cakes taste! And yes, she'll be doing one more in a couple of weeks for Isabella's birthday. Then I'll be hitting the gym hard to work off all those cakes! She has a website at www.toomuch that's worth checking out for sure!

Oh, and she was too sweet to make Grant an extra little cake for himself since she had enough batter left! Too sweet!

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Debbie said...

What cute cakes. I love how modern and fun they are.
Saw your post on mom bloggers and came by to say hi.

Wren said...

Shelly is great!!! Did you see her at the Afair? And, yes her cakes are yummy and so cute!!