Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, I'm getting old

So it's beginning to settle in with me. I'm aging. I had a friend from college send me a friend request on Facebook (which I rarely even use), and I realized that it's been 12 years since we were roommates. 12 years! Back in 1997, and now we're in 2009! To top it off, let me list some other aging factors.

Last night we celebrated with Abby at her preschool graduation. She begins kindergarten this fall. Am I seriously old enough to have a kindergarten child? That's wild! Did I not just have her a little while ago? My days at home with her have been far too few. Oh, my heart already breaks for when she leaves. And it's only half day kindergarten. But I love being home with her!

Another aging tidbit...Grant turns one this week! Yes, one. Now I seriously did just deliver him. Was it already a year ago this week that I was on bedrest and could barely walk across the house without unbearable pain? Was it already a year ago that we brought that new little baby home to his 3 big sisters? Oh, it flew by!

And the big topper? I turn 30 two weeks from TODAY. 30! I used to babysit for people who were in their 30s (who are now in their late 40s). Can I now be one of them? Did I make that transition that fast? I will no longer even really qualify for the Young Married stuff at our church (which is fine since many are even up to 40)...but still...I'm an old married now!

Don't know why I'm having this moment, but I am. So indulge me a little as I soak up the fact that I'm aging....and quickly! Oh, I may gain 5 pounds this month from chocolate alone if I dwell too long on this one!

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Sarah said...

Hi Wendy...I think my camera with 2 lens was around 600/700. It does take great pictures, but the color and sharpness and all that gets a big boost in Picasa...it's a free photo editing thing on line. Email me if you want to know more, so this comment doesn't look like a book! Love your blog...cute kids!