Saturday, May 2, 2009

Duck Duck Goose Tees!


So Matt and I are still trying to get our website complete so that we can launch my line of stationery, invitations, and gifts...well....we're going to offer these adorable tees in our gift line. I am so excited about these. I made these for Abby and Grant and was so pleased that I have made tons of them this week! I have listed several in at Etsy shop. You can find me on Etsy at I wanted to use duckduckgoosedesigns, but it was already taken. I think I've got 12 or 13 on there...with more designs to come. I love designing this stuff! Don't the kids look cute in theirs? This turned out to be the perfect solution for a top to match those super adorable capris that Abby's wearing. I bought those at the FBC sale last month and needed a top to I made one! She loves it...and well, Grant, he couldn't care less of course. But he is handsome in it!
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Melissa said...

Love the shirts! They are precious! Curious... do you offer a discount for multiple orders? I would need 5 shirts!!
Best of luck with the Etsy shop!

Ashley said...

very cute!

Wendy said...

Oh, I would definitely do that. Just let me know when you're interested in ordering.